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Social Media, Email Marketing, and Marketing Strategy
for Beneker Family Farms

Beneker Family Farms have been feeding families in Southern Indiana's Whitewater Valley for over 100 years.

As third-generation farmers, Allen and Jayme Beneker have been selling pasture-raised and grain-finished beef at local farmers' markets, through their farm store, and online. However, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the importance of their online presence became paramount.

In November 2020, Jayme Beneker collaborated with Steele Digital through an initiative facilitated by the Southeastern Indiana Small Business Development Center. Together, they devised beef subscription boxes to not only cater to their existing clientele but also to engage potential customers nationwide. Their strategy included a robust social media presence, targeted social media advertising, and email marketing campaigns. Presently, Beneker and Steele persist in expanding their subscription memberships by adhering to the same successful strategy.

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