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Welcome to Steele Digital

A Marketing Partner Helping Your Small Business or NonProfit Organization Grow 

Locating your business or organization online is the first step in the buyer's journey. Let us help you be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. 

With the correct content, social media helps strengthen brand awareness as well as projecting and maintaining the value of your brand.

Email is a cost-effective means to reach your customers while staying top of mind in the buying process.

Designing, creating, and updating content for one of your largest investments - your website- to attract new customers and showcase your products and services.

What to Expect

You will get an immediate response directly from me,  sometimes when you need me the most.


You will take advantage of 20+ years of experience helping small businesses and nonprofit organizations like yours increase brand awareness and drive website traffic.


You will always know what’s being done and what to expect next in every step of your overall strategy.


You will see digital marketing strategies that lead to increases in social media engagement, website traffic, and brand loyalty.

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